Step up to the Mic: Mic Drop 2019-1

Tonight I have opened a bottle I already sampled at the Meet The Van Winkles event. Mic Drop is unabashedly MGP bourbon, with the mashbill and age statement listed on the label. The 19-1 edition is four years old and 112.2 proof. This is PM Spirits third release of bourbon from MGP. The concept behind this is that PM drops the mic and lets the bourbon speak for itself.

Nothing wrong with a nice cask strength MGP bourbon. Cool bottle with a glass stopper.

Color is a light to medium amber. This is only four years old obviously. Thinnish legs with a film on the swirl. On the nose is some nice vanilla and caramel; some yeast roll, and a dusting of baking spice. On the palate however the high rye recipe mixes with the flavors on the nose to deliver herbal tea and anise which dominates until cinnamon mixes with it on the finish. This is no kidding high rye at 36% rye, and the palate reflects that.

It has a little of that craft youngish bitterness to it. But it’s minor in this whiskey. The pluses far outweigh the minors with this bourbon.

Oh, and this went great with an apple pie I had for desert from Southern Classic Fried Chicken. Southern Classic’s motto is “It Brings You Back.” This bourbon brings you back as well; super rye heavy and herbal with traditional bourbon undertones. Pretty unique bottle. Really enjoying this one, and I am not normally a rye heavy fan.

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